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02 Dic 12 New NuvolaBase Dashboard

Tonight at 03.00 GTM the NuvolaBase team publicly released the new NuvolaBase Dashboard.
As you may know, with NuvolaBase you can handle your private database on the cloud.

The new dashboard aims to be simple, stable and powerful. You can login using your google, twitter, facebook, linkedin account.
In the next days the NuvolaBase guys will release many new cool features like a powerful REST API to handle your databases in the cloud from your application.

This is the official article on the NuvolaBase blog:

18 Mag 12 The OrientDB 1.0 stable is finally there!

Congratulation to Luca Garulli and his dev team to the public release of OrientDB 1.0 Stable!
After a year of release candidates and bug fixing it’s finally time to the stable version.
Many may bugs fixed, new indexing algorithms, improved clustering with multi master replication, new Object Database interface with lazy object loading, new studio (web interface) and much more.

The community is growing fast and people get rapidly moving to new technologies.
Words like nosql, object and graph databases, cloud and mobile are big buzzwords of nowadays.

If you didn’t already, subscribe to the orientdb mailinglist to get in touch:

02 Feb 12 NuvolaBase: the new no-sql company behind OrientDB launches the Graph Database in the Cloud

London, UK – NuvolaBase Ltd is a London-based startup that is about to revolutionize the database market. Only two years ago this market was dominated by few big players such as Oracle, IBM and Microsoft. Something, in the last 24 months, has changed thanks to the “NoSQL” movement which focused on alternative solutions to the ordinary Relational DBMS’s due to the pressing and increasing demands for better performance and higher scalability.

Today the largest IT companies avail themselves of NoSQL solutions to manage Mission Critical projects. Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Disney, MTV, Craiglist and FourSquare are amongst the most famous ones.

After just a year of testing, NuvolaBase comes out of Alpha version, offering a NoSQL database of high performance as a cloud-based service. This way the database is no longer a software component that needs installing, configuring and maintaining, but it becomes a distributed service that is always available on the internet.

Web Site:
Follow us on Twitter:!/nuvolabase

08 Feb 11, the OrientDB on the Cloud

So this is finally there. (alpha release) has been published yesterday at UIM-GDB in Barcelona by Luca Garulli, the OrientDB author.

I am really excited as TuxWeb cofounder for joining our technical collaboration with him for the alpha realization of this project.

I personally cover all the system administration and low level stuff.

– dAm2K!!

24 Ago 10 Why do not host sites from your own home

I would not recommend you to host sites that way, you have to be sure that your ISP give you public IP(s) and setup your router to port forward ports 80, 443, 53, and so on.
There are other problems too:
1) if you want to host more than one site with SSL you must have one public IP for each SSL site or use different SSL ports for each site, because name virtualhosting with SSL is not possible;
2) dsl lines are not designed to be stable. The connection can go down and make your site not visible. This is a major problem if you make the mistake to have your own DNS server on it!! The ISP assigned public IP address can change more than one time a day and you have to sync the DNS zone each time.
3) dsl ips are putted into DNS based blacklists zones. You may not be reached from various HTTP proxy servers around the world. For the same reason you cannot send mails, for example originated from your sites.
4) adsl lines are asymmetric (unbalanced for download). You have few kbytes per second in upload, that is just what you need to publish web sites, so this can be a problem when you have just more than 3 users.
5) you probably have problems with High-Availability and Load-Balancing on domestic hardware and you may have blackouts.
6) DNS subsystem may need primary and secondary DNS servers.

The best way (imho) is to use services like slicehost where you have a HA virtual server slice running linux, public IP addresses, free primary and secondary DNS hosting service, large public bandwidth, disk space… and not last your own root password that you can use to have maintenance on your own server for your own.

26 Mar 10 Il tuo server linux personale

Se quello che hai sempre cercato e’ avere il tuo personalissimo server linux up and running 24 ore su 24, SliceHost e’ l’opzione giusta per te.

Questa meravigliosa azienda americana (in Italia purtroppo certe cose ce le sogniamo alla grande!) ha sviluppato un sistema automatico con interfaccia web in grado di fornirti in tempo reale per pochi dollari al mese una tua personalissima macchina virtuale con cui potrai realizzare e gestire il tuo server linux in tutta tranquillita’.
Banda e connettivita’ internazionale a internet non sono un problema e potrai scegliere tra vari tagli di offerte pronte per te.

Se sei interessato, dai un’occhiata al sito e affiliati anche tu.

Avrai la possibilita’ di scegliere la distribuzione linux che piu’ ti aggrada e il tuo server linux personale sara’ in piedi in pochi secondi.

Noi di TuxWeb lo stiamo utilizzando con successo per gestire i siti internet di alcuni nostri clienti.

Ciao, Dino –