Blog di Bernardino (Dino) Ciuffetti

Me and my interests

Born on 1981, 21th February, I’m a happy Linux (and Unix) sysadmin and open source enthusiast.
I’m a senior Opensource Middleware, Linux and Cloud expert.

I love writing code in C and PHP, even if I’m not a full time developer but a Linux and middleware system administrator.
My passions are Linux and the open source. Anything I write it’s released in (L)GPL(2 o 3) or Apache v2 licenses.

Some year ago, me and a friend o’ mine founded a small Italian system integrator company that aimed to sell our experience of years on open source systems developing software, solving problems, and using the best technology for any situation.

I was a cofounder of the DBaaS startup NuvolaBase L.t.d. in 2012
( with Luca Garulli, the was the CEO of Orient Technologies.

My wife is Erica. I have a dog (Kira, formerly Mariah’s Storm), a female blonde, beautiful labrador retriever.

I loved to play drums with my band (ex: “The Underbridges”). I love Music (please note the M and not m). My preferred music is fusion, metal progressive, hard rock and any genre of Music played by talented people and with clean and well defined sounds.
A couple of names? Dream Theater, Seventh Wonder, Lamb of God, Dave Weckl, Brian Bromberg, Pat Metheny, John Scofield, Gavin Harrison, Dennis Chambers, BĂ©la Fleck and the Flecktones, Porcupine Tree, Marco Sfogli, Mariah Carey, The Rippingtones, and many many many others.

Message of the day
I wanna know about the fire
And every time I look at her
I see myself somehow
In my heart a strong desire
What’s really going on?
I wanna know!
(Seventh Wonder – Hide And Seek)

My public profiles
Bitcon Address: 1MnPxjP8RA5gjmSFuQVRd2U1wStecpGpTN (please donate some satoshi if I helped!)
Monero XMR (1 line): 49ao1APy599ekbFRWCLgZw8CXKhUrke9

PEC address: bernardinociuffetti at pec dot it (only send pec messages!)
FaceBook: ahahahah… ROTFLOL 🙂 you will never see me on fb! It’s a pure shit and it’s completely useless, so forget about it.