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07 Set 10 N4g10s monitoring system

Server Room – AD 2034

Sys techie 01A2B: Hey boss, we just had a complete network crash! It seems our main router got down 3 seconds ago, and the main network branch red blinks on our N4g10s monitoring system!!

Network Boss: Uhh… that’s strange, because it’s coupled with a network HA backup. Go upstairs to the router cabinet and check immediately!

Sys techie 01A2B: Ok boss. I’m going… …

Network Boss: what’s up?

Sys techie 01A2B: Hey boss, the two routers have been stolen!! The cables are detached and unlinked, no routers present here!!

Network Boss: mmmhhh… I’m getting there. Wait.

Sys techie 01A2B: .. Hey boss the routers are there now!! That was the cleaning lady! She thought there was time to clean the routers from dust…

Network Boss: ok ok, re create links, please. I’m going to handle angry users now… And get up and running quickly!

[A Angry User]: Hey, I am experimenting a network problem! What’s up?

Network Boss: Which network problem? There is not a network problem. Please retry.

[A Angry User]: mmhh… very strange, it now works! Sorry, that was a false negative. May be a client Winblows problem. Thank you.

Network Boss: Please double check next one. Hi man.

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