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31 Mag 11 liborient: A simple LGPLv3 linux C library proof of concept

Today i posted to the orientdb mailinglist and I’ve written about liborient, my very first orientdb C library implementation.
We are searching for new developers to join. This is what I putted to the list.

Hi all.
I’m making an attempt to write a proof of concept, simple, LGPLv3
OrientDB C library for linux.

The library is written in best effort, so don’t kill me if you see bad
code for now…
As a starting point, there is already a very first implementation of
some simple binary protocol methods.
For those there are interested, this is the API that it’s just (it
seems…) working with the latest OrientDB SVN version:

You can view development code here:

1) Install the latest GNU autoconf, automake and libtool
2) svn co
3) cd liborient
4) ./
5) ./configure –prefix=/tmp/liborient
6) make
7) make check
8) make install

Warning: this is a very first proof of concept implementation that I
started to study OrientDB. Do not use it in production environments.

Even if I think “the scalable way”, I’m a Linux SysAdmin and not a
full time developer, so may be the API is not well designed and the
code is ugly.
We need people that write code. If you are interested, please join in
and contribute.

This is a sample C program that links liborient… and works 🙂

orientdb *oh;
o_conh *och;
unsigned long cid;

// create a new liborient handler
oh = orient_new();
// setup library debug level to “ORIENT_DEBUG”
orient_debug_setlevel(oh, ORIENT_DEBUG);
// setup debug callback
orient_debug_sethook(oh, &your_debug_function);
// preparing to open a new binary connection handler for orientDB
och = orient_prepare_connection(oh, ORIENT_PROTO_BINARY, “localhost”, “2424”);
// setting admin credentials
orient_set_credentials(oh, och, ORIENT_ADMIN, “root”, “pippo”);
// setting user credentials
orient_set_credentials(oh, och, ORIENT_USER, “reader”, “reader”);
// create the real connection with orientdb server
cid = orient_connect(oh, och, timeout);
// open the database “demo”
orient_dbopen(oh, och, cid, “demo”, timeout);
// get the DB size
dbsize = orient_db_size(oh, och, cid, timeout);
// get the total number of records
records = orient_db_countrecords(oh, och, cid, timeout);
// close the database
orient_dbclose(oh, och, cid, timeout);
// free library stuff

Any thoughts?
Ciao, Dino Ciuffetti.

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