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31 Ago 11 CVE-2011-3192 – Apache killer DOS vulnerability

Hi people. On August 2011 has been discovered that apache httpd server is vulnerable to a simple to perform DOS attack. A simple perl exploit has been released called apache killer that make a big number of parrallel crafted HTTP calls (HEAD method) with the “Range” header. This make possibile to the attacker to consume memory and cpu on the attacked server bringing apache and the system down in no time. The attacker does not need large bandwidth to perform the attack.

Anyone using apache httpd in production environment is encouraged to upgrade to the latest apache version that solve the security problem.

If you cannot upgrade to >= 2.2.20 you can use mod_rewrite to deny requests with the Range header like the rewrite regexp below. This is what you need on your httpd.conf:

RewriteCond %{HTTP:range} ^bytes=[^,]+(,[^,]+){0,4}$
RewriteRule .* – [F]

You can find the exploit script on google. I will not put it here.
Ciao, Dino.

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