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21 Feb 10 Scandalo, the fast and Simple clamdscan mail frontend

Hi people.
I’m now talking about a simple GPLv2, C written, small program that work as a very fast clamdscan antivirus frontend.

Scandalo can take a mail on standard input and parse it from viruses, piping it to clamdscan.
It then get the virus status from clamdscan and put a mail header called “X-Virus-Ret” returning the virus scanner status.
It also put a mail header called “X-Virus-stream” returning the first virus name found (if any).

You can then setup a rule on your (say, maildrop) mail filter to pipe the incoming mail to scandalo, and another rule to check the return scanned mail header for viruses.
If a virus was found, you can drop the mail, or put it into a .Virus maildir.

If you have any question, I’m the developer of scandalo.
Scandalo –

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Ciao, Dino.