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05 Ago 23 dam2k/tadoapi and telegraf-dam2ktado

Ready for a new grafana story? Today I have some more: my brand new opensource repositories:

  • dam2k/tadoapi (packagist and github): a simple Tado ™ SDK implementation for PHP
  • telegraf-dam2ktado (github): API exporter (telegraf execd input plugin) written in PHP

I realized them for myself, after I did not find anything good.

The exporter (telegraf-dam2ktado) is a plugin written in PHP that connects to the tado network (internet), fetches thermostat metrics and devices for your home installation, parses it as a single json and write this json to its stdout. It is signaled directly by telegraf which sends a empty new line on stdout that the plugin catches on its stdin. In this way, the plugin knows when telegraf wants to fetch new data, and telegraf can read parsed and cleaned data from tado so that it can collect metrics and put them to influxdb.

With all the metrics on influxdb one can create a beautiful dashboard on grafana (on cloud or on premise).

The installation instructions are on the respective projects home page.

Now, some cool screenshots of my grafana dashboard (19301)…